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Creating Digital Ecosystems: Superapps, Miniapps with User Experience as a Priority

What is a Superapp?

Superapps are digital ecosystems of products and services within a main application that allow users to access different services and functionalities through a unified user experience. In essence, superapps are comprehensive platforms that enable other developers to integrate or add diverse services to enrich and facilitate the customer experience, creating a digital ecosystem.

A superapp consolidates various services coexisting within the same application to expand functionalities and possibilities. Typically, well-known superapps have originated as applications that address specific needs and then evolve to encompass other services. A superapp presents an "open" platform scheme that facilitates integration with other services and applications. Examples of superapps include WeChat, PayPal, MercadoPago, PedidosYa, UberEats, among others. Common functionalities within a superapp include financial services (payments), logistics (deliveries, delivery services), communication and messaging, reviews (comments and feedback), catalogs (e-commerce and shopping carts), among others.


What is a Miniapp?

A miniapp is a small application that solves a specific problem within the superapp, which acts as the host. For example, a shipping/logistics system, a communication or messaging platform, or a payment gateway are some examples in this context. Miniapps are loaded upon user request and can be discovered through different dynamic Discovery Points.

The owner of the superapp is the one who authorizes the publication and integration of miniapps into the main platform. It is not the phone's operating system or the phone's app store that handles this integration.


The Main Advantage for Users

The end-user only needs to log in to the superapp, where they register their data, create an account, and it is through the superapp that they can interact with all the services included in the mini-applications or microservices. They only have to enter their data once on a single platform to access, try, or use a wide range of services without the need to register each time they want to access a new service.


Advantages for Developers

There are numerous advantages for developers. Firstly, the possibility of creating a digital ecosystem where the user can access a wide range of functionalities and services, leveraging the security, expertise, and experience of other developers. Additionally, superapps allow developers to gradually and incrementally integrate different applications and functionalities, enabling them to scale their level of services, offerings, and user experience. This concept fosters increased user loyalty to the main application and raises the switching costs since the digital ecosystem can address a wide array of functions. Furthermore, users can add functionalities they need, easily personalizing their experience within a single space.


When is it Convenient to Use a Superapp?

A superapp becomes relevant when there is a need to enrich the user experience by incorporating functionalities and services such as payments, catalogs, shipping and logistics, and communication. The primary advantage lies in the ability to do so by leveraging other established and highly valued platforms by users. There's little use in developing a payment gateway when widely-used platforms like PayPal or MercadoPago already exist, or messaging platforms when WeChat or WhatsApp are prevalent. The concept of a superapp allows for the creation of digital ecosystems with established and widely-used services in the market, facilitating user adoption, improving application security and reliability, and expanding the range of services. Superapps are ideal for implementing platforms for product commerce, financial services, catalogs, marketplaces, among others.


How to Develop a Superapp?

With the expertise of our team and agile development tools like Genexus 18, you can model and develop superapps, miniapps, and create digital ecosystems easily and quickly. Design and develop your superapps with the help of doIT Innovations. Contact us and unleash the power of your applications!

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